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from moringa to beetroot

#1 – 7am
moringa all-beauty crème

You wake up early to head to the corner café for coffee. After washing your face, apply our luxuriously smooth and fresh moringa all-beauty crème for a morning glow.

#2 – 10am
oat milk foundation – caramel | arnica concealer – caramel | vanilla highlighter – sun halo | corn translucent powder | natural almond mascara – black | aloe gel lash & brow mascara – clear | chamomile eye palette – pretty | almond brow pencil – perfect

Coffee – done. Gym class – done. Time to get ready for a late-morning meeting. These natural products are all you need!

  1. For your complexion, apply oat milk foundation – caramel, arnica concealer – caramel and corn translucent powder to finish.
  2. Boost your eyes with natural almond mascara – black, aloe gel lash & brow mascara – clear, chamomile eye palette – pretty, almond brow pencil – perfect.
  3. Add a little extra by highlighting cheekbones with vanilla highlighter – sun halo.

#3 – 5pm
beetroot cheek & lip tint – joy

Day done – time for fun! Build up your look with beetroot cheek & lip tint and boost your joy. Apply to cheeks & lips and rub in. Repeat for brighter colour.

Model Misuki is from Japan, makeup by Katiana Salinas, photography by Hiram Martinez.

Sigue aquí el blog en español.

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Katiana Salinas

I’m a dietitian working in the field for more than ten years. I’m passionate about this, and I have completed several studies in US, Mexico and Spain. These days, life saturates us with toxins. This generates all sort of diseases, reactions and deficiencies. I believe nutrients are the best allies to stay healthy, but there are so many sides that contribute to it. My intention is balancing health in, out & around. I love being able to share tips with everyone on how to achieve a balanced life and a healthy lifestyle. That is why I’m starting a project named Katy’s Balance Life. (https://instagram.com/katianas/) I work at Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics, and I love it. I’m the Training and Development Executive. Year by year, I get to travel around Australia, Singapore, Mexico and any other new country where we stock our products. Traveling is my life and I have learnt many health tips along the way from all our customers. My main responsibility is to ensure that everyone who works with our product is well trained, so they comprehend the benefits of our ingredients, understand a healthy lifestyle and the versatility of our product. I hope you enjoy my tips.

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