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This is for anyone who has never used natural makeup, who doesn’t believe it can work – or, who thinks they still need to rely on those chemical-heavy products they “can’t live without”. We want you to try natural makeup, realise that it performs amazing, and share the love!

Maybe you already love natural makeup, but you can’t let go of the mascara brand that you’ve worn for 5 years… even though it flakes under the eyes and irritates by the end of a long day.

That’s why we are here to let you know that, in 2019, you can get ALL your makeup needs the natural way. You don’t have to sacrifice performance, colour, or an affordable price. We can give you everything you need your makeup to be, without the chemicals, but cruelty free and toxin free.

Try these natural combinations for healthy youthful skin & looks that will be your new make-up bag staples:

Look 1: ALL YOU

arnica concealer – caramel | calendula powder foundation – medium | carrot colour pot – healthy | almond brow pencil – perfect | vanilla highlighter – sun halo | chamomile eye palette – beautiful | aloe gel lash & brow mascara – clear | beetroot cheek & lip tint – joy

  1. Cover redness/blemishes with arnica concealer – caramel. Blend with eco vegan lip & conceal brush
  2. Apply calendula powder foundation using the eco vegan kabuki brush. Gently blend in circles on the skin. Repeat for a 2nd layer, if desired.
  3. For cheeks, apply a dab of carrot colour pots – healthy with fingers. Blend.
  4. Attend to brows with almond brow pencil – perfect and fill in gaps
  5. Shape and set brow hair with aloe gel lash & brow mascara – clear
  6. Use chamomile eye palette – beautiful (agathe). Buff onto eyelids with eco vegan smudge & shade brush
  7. Apply vanilla highlighter – sun halo to the top of eyelids & cheek bones with the finger
  8. Take beetroot cheek & lip tint – joy and apply a small amount to cheeks and lips. Blend in and repeat if necessary for more colour

quinoa water foundation – dawn | olive oil lipstick – carnivale

  1. Cleanse and moisturise face
  2. Apply quinoa water foundation – dawn with eco vegan multipurpose brush. Add a second layer for deeper coverage
  3. Paint a pop of vibrant colour to lips with olive oil lipstick – carnivale

Look 3: EYES & LIPS
jojoba eye pencil – black | jojoba eye pencil – bronze | chamomile eye palette – beautiful | vanilla highlighter – sun halo | avocado waterproof mascara – black | olive oil lipstick – picnic

  1. Define your eyes. Line top and bottom lash line with jojoba eye pencil – black
  2. To eyelids, blend in your favourite colour from chamomile eye palette – beautiful
  3. Draw a line close to the lash line with jojoba eye pencil – bronze
  4. With your fingers, apply vanilla highlighter – sun halo under your eyebrow, and blend
  5. Brush eyelashes with avocado waterproof mascara – black
  6. Finish the look adding colour to lips, with olive oil lipstick – picnic

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Nea Nunez

Hi, i´m Nea. I am a part of the Ere Perez team. Makeup is my passion because it allows me to express myself and gives me the opportunity to teach women to embrace and highlight their natural beauty. I also work as a freelance makeup artist for social events, brides, advertising and i give self-makeup workshops. I´ve been in this industry for more than five years now and I feel proud to say that i´ve only worked with Cruelty Free and Natural brands. I adore that with using Ere Perez you can create any look; from a fresh natural everyday look to a glamorous special occasion look, all while taking care of your skin and most importantly taking care of the environment.

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